Wooden Gates Vs Iron Gates – Which Is Best For Me?

handmade wooden gates

A high-quality gate is essential for any house, providing aesthetic appeal, as well as much-needed security and privacy, whilst meeting domestic security requirements. When you are looking to get a new gate for your property, the two most popular materials of choice are metal, primarily iron, and wood.

As both metal gates and timber gates have their own benefits, the team at Village Gates has put together this ultimate guide, imparting expertise gained over 25 years of experience, so that you can make the best decision when it comes to the type of gate to utilise for your home.

Iron Gates



Iron gates are strong and durable barriers to your property. You can also very easily attach a lock to metal gates too, which will further enhance the security that the gate offers.

Low Maintenance

Metal driveway gates are incredibly weather resistant, so they will effectively survive against most weather conditions. Iron gates will also only require minimal maintenance, keeping costs low and quality high.


You can easily get creative with your iron gate design, as they can come with all kinds of decorative features and patters.



As people might already be aware, iron gates can be extremely heavy. This means that they must be attached to a very sturdy fence or post, which may mean that a post of this nature will need to be built if one is not already present.

Less Privacy

Whereas wooden gates are typically more solid, people can easily see through a metal gate, making iron driveway gates a little bit less private than wooden alternatives.

Wooden Gates


Privacy and Security

When your wooden double gates for driveway include a row of wooden panels, this provides a solid barrier, keeping out any intruders or prying eyes. In most cases, wooden gates are the ideal choice is privacy is your top priority.


Timber gates are a classic and traditional choice for anything from a garden gate to a single pedestrian gate to a wooden driveway gate, with simple, yet stylish designs available to suit any modern home.

Fewer Carbon Emissions

Wooden driveway gates made from sustainably sourced wood are more environmentally friendly than metal driveway gates. Using quality wooden materials and timber, such as Scandinavian Redwood, or perhaps choosing gorgeous hardwood driveway gates, Village Gates can offer bespoke wooden driveway gates that are made to your exact design requirements.


Wooden gates are often more cost-efficient to install, and here at Village Gates, it is no different. Our family-run business can take the project from start to finish, from order to manufacture to installation, meeting your individual needs with a competitive quote.


Regular Maintenance

Wooden driveway gates do need regular maintenance to keep them looking good, but we think this is a good excuse to change up your style every once in a while!

Professional Installation

If wooden gates are not properly built, then the timber can twist or warp over the years. Therefore, they should always be installed by an expert. Luckily, you’ve got us on hand to help!

To discuss your bespoke gate design today, for more information, or to get a competitive quote for the design, manufacture, and installation of your wooden driveway gate, you can get in touch with Village Gates today.

We are proud to install gates across a number of popular residential zones, including Warrington, Bolton, Birchwood, Rochdale, Wigan, St. Helens, Risley, and the surrounding areas.