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Wooden Garden Gates

Our wooden garden gates give you the perfect combination of beauty, security and privacy for your home – whether to compliment your existing double gates or provide an attractive addition to the front, side or rear of your property. Our wooden garden gates are stable, durable and always produced to the very highest quality. All of our wooden side gates are made using a mix of traditional and modern construction methods. Each gate is hand-built using thick 70mm planed mortice-and-tenon frameworks, 4×2 planed bracing, inset boards and chamfered and routed edges, giving you that high-quality Village Gates touch for an attractive, highly secure garden gate.

To fit larger gaps and passages, we also offer single-opener garden gates with side panels to match. These panels can be fitted with hinges and a drop bolt, providing a larger gap when needed so that you lose none of the entrance’s original width. Matching gate posts can be fixed on either side, or we’ll gladly install pressure-treated posts when necessary.

Our wooden garden gates are installed using top-quality ironmongery, available in galvanised silver, black-on-galvanised, stainless steel or pewter finishes. Generally, we use tee-hinges to hang our gates but are also able to install adjustable hinges on larger gate openers. We’ll supply a ring latch as standard, along with the option of a key-lock which is lockable from both sides, for effective and visible security to match your gate’s natural looks.

What Are The Benefits Of Wooden Garden Gates?

Wooden Garden Gates Are Naturally Beautiful.

Wooden garden gates blend perfectly with any brickwork, stonework, concrete or fencing that characterises your property. Wooden gates are the classic, timeless choice to complete any garden design, providing a secure but elegant barrier to frame your garden and enhance its natural appeal. And, given the choice and versatility unique to natural timbers, you’ll always find the ideal match for your home along with a perfect custom fit that only bespoke, made-to-measure wooden garden gates can give you.

Our Wooden Garden Gates Are Built To Match.

If wooden driveway gates already characterise your property, then we’re happy to match their design with your new bespoke garden gate. Or, if you’d prefer a brand-new matching set of driveway and garden gates, you’re welcome to browse our full range of wooden driveway gates too. We design, build and install everything from dual swing gates and extra-tall double gates, to custom wooden gates with pedestrian access. Whatever it is you need to suit your property – our team can supply it for you.

Wooden Garden Gates Are Always In Style.

While metal and plastic designs become outdated amid changing trends, wooden garden gates remain as timeless as the trees and timbers around them. Wooden garden gates give you a sturdy, always-stylish canvas for as many changes in paint scheme or wood stain as you like – letting you coordinate their colour with any fresh redesign to your home.

Wooden Garden Gates Are The Sustainable, Affordable Choice.

Natural timber has been the world’s common-sense construction material for thousands of years. Readily available and affordable, it’s often a more eco-friendly option when compared with the sheer resources (and emissions) involved in producing steel or plastic alternatives. Responsibly sourced and sustainably replaced, natural timber gives you a vast choice in its looks and natural properties – and all with a smaller price tag, too.

Trust Village Gates To Create And Install Your Perfect Wood Garden Gates.

Wooden garden gates give you the perfect combination of privacy, security, versatility and classic natural beauty to accentuate your home. Take a look at our full range of designs, or, if you’d like to create your own bespoke wooden garden gate then we’d love to partner with you and make this a reality.

We’re happy to offer professional guidance throughout your project, so just get in touch and we’ll do the rest! We’re a family-run business with twenty-five years of trade expertise, specialising in quality. We’re proud, but not boastful and prefer to let our results, and our happy customers, speak for themselves.

For the most experienced, comprehensive manufacturers of wooden garden gates in Warrington and the surrounding areas of Leigh, Sale and Altrincham, just get in touch for a free estimation. You’re welcome to call us on 01925 552 322 as well or type in your message using the contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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