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    Specialists In quality gate manufacturing and installation

    Looking for a bespoke gate that perfectly suits your home and your needs? You’ve come to the perfect place here at Village Gates. When you choose us for your gate needs, you’ll receive a bespoke and unique product that has been finely crafted with you in mind. Whether you visit us here online to make an order or visit us here at our showroom and workshop here in Warrington, the Village Gates team will guide you through the process.

    Our team will work alongside you through the process of buying and installing your brand new gorgeous wooden gate. If you have any questions or problems, we’ll help you with them. Knowing the perfect gate for your garden, driveway, or side of house isn’t always easy - fortunately, this is something we can help with too.

    There’s a lot to choose from here at Village Gates, after all. From the amazing types of timber that we use to build our gates to be both beautiful and strong, to the shapes, colours and finishes that will give your gate the desired appearance, to how best to install a gate intercom system, the Village Gates team will assist you in finding the very best solution for your home.

    If you are looking for a new garden gate, then there’s a chance that you might be worried about finding a supplier who treats things with a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Here at Village Gates, we perform quite the opposite. In fact, when you order a gate with us, we’ll take accurate measurements that allow us to deliver you a product that is a perfect fit for your home on the first attempt. No one wants to be disappointed in a gate that is just a little too wide or narrow for their driveway entrance, after all. We’re here to help you avoid that.

    Then, when we have your requirements and all the information that we need, we can set to work carefully handcrafting your unique garden, side or driveway gate. Our expert and master craftsmen at our workshop here in Warrington all have years of experience under their belt and are dedicated to making our customers’ gates beautiful, long lasting and perfectly suited to each individual home. We have a reputation for crafting tailor made and unique wooden gates here at Village Gates. While our wooden gates begin life in our workshop in Warrington, we do deliver our products to customers all across the UK - meaning that you can get an amazing Village Gates product no matter where you are.

    The best part? If you are local to Village Gates, we’ll also personally fit and install your gate for you. That’s right - anyone within a 30 mile radius of our Risley workshop based just outside of Warrington will have the experts here at Village Gates install your new wood driveway, side or garden gate. Our craftsmen will fit your gates to the highest standard, making sure that they stand strong for years to come.

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