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    Private, Secure and Handcrafted with Pedestrian Access

    Here at Village Gates, we offer all types of gates that are made to measure with quality wood. From high, sturdy driveway gates to low, bespoke wooden garden gates, all styles in our range are tailored exactly to the size and design you require. However, for a more cost-effective option that’s just as beautifully designed and still built in the same way, our softwood driveway gates made from Scandinavian Redwood are a favourite amongst customers.

    Our team takes pride in the quality of their work as members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen. From your first enquiry to the installation and aftercare of your new bespoke gate, our team are always willing to go the extra mile. With the highest quality materials and the best customer service, we’ll ensure your experience with us is stress-free and enjoyable. Our bespoke gates can be supplied and installed within a 30-mile radius of our Warrington premises, and we also deliver our products around the UK. If you’re looking for a softwood driveway gate as the perfect finishing touch to your home, then look no further than Village Gates.

    Why should you choose a softwood driveway gate?

    Our excellent softwood gates, made with Scandinavian Redwood, are not only the perfect choice for added property protection, but they also provide additional beauty and character to your home and your driveway. This type of sustainable timber is light and fresh in appearance, boasting an aesthetic that will stay stylish for years to come with regular maintenance. The timber does take stains and treatments reasonably well, but to ensure it always looks as good as it does once first installed, regular maintenance is important.

    We’d argue that it’s well worth it though. Opting for a softwood driveway gate with Scandinavian redwood adds charm and character like no other. It will have visible imperfections, also referred to as ‘tight knots’, in the grain, but these features provide a natural finish that will add a beautifully natural and charming aesthetic to your home. Because wood also has a unique ageing process, your gate will only look better with age. With exposure to the elements and proper treatment, your gate will change in appearance, adding character to its aesthetic as it ages. We’re sure you’ll love your driveway gate for its beauty, as well as its security.

    For most of our customers, we understand that the primary purpose of a gate is to act as a security feature. Our gates are the ideal physical security feature to protect your property and land, and they also act as an effective deterrent. Because our gates are solid wood and made to measure, you can have peace of mind that no one can see directly past the gate and into your property, protecting your privacy. With one of our softwood driveway gates, not only is your home protected but you have a stunning new feature that adds to the facade of your property whilst providing this enhanced security.

    Another reason why a softwood driveway gate is a good investment is the functionality it provides. Our team can make your quality wooden gates fit any space – wooden gates are extremely versatile, more so than any other heavy-duty option. Our gates are also made to withstand the elements, whether that be torrential rain or severe heat. With regular maintenance, your gate will provide additional security and beauty for years to come. Having wooden driveway gates can also increase property prices because of how long they last and how attractive they look, making them a worthwhile investment thanks to the kerb appeal that they offer.

    Whilst many people assume that steel gates are a better option because of their strength, this isn’t exactly the case. Steel gates are much more expensive than our bespoke wooden gates, and they aren’t necessarily any tougher. When a solid wooden gate is made to measure with high-quality materials, they are just as effective. For added protection, our wooden gates can also be fitted with tough steel hinges and gate locks. The cost of the wood itself is minimal compared to metal gates, and wood can provide a fully enclosed and private gate. Most often, iron gates are made from individual bars, meaning your property is more visible to passers-by. With a wooden gate made by the team at Village Gates, you’ll have complete privacy for only a fraction of the cost. Wooden gates are also the most environmentally-friendly option too; our materials are sustainably sourced to ensure that we find a great balance between the best quality and a reduced carbon footprint

    What does the process of getting a softwood driveway gate involve?

    To get started, you can browse our products online and then place your order. Or, if you live locally and would prefer to speak to a member of staff in person, you can visit our workshop and showroom in Warrington. One of our experienced staff will discuss your needs with you and answer any questions you have, before talking you through the process of installation. If you need help selecting the right product for you, your home and your requirements, then we’d be happy to discuss your options with you. From the type of gate you want to which colour and shape would be best suited, we can help you to make informed decisions that leave you feeling incredibly satisfied with your new purchase.

    After our discussions, we’ll then take all the measurements we need to ensure your bespoke gate fits perfectly with no problems. With these measurements and the information about your design, we’ll then start creating your gate in our workshop. Once your product has been made, the next step in our process is the installation. If you live within a 30-mile radius of our Warrington workshop, we can take care of this for you. If you live further afield, your bespoke gate can be delivered directly to you too, but we’ll use an external delivery partner..

    When we come to your property to install your gates, our priority is the fit of our product, whether it’s a standard wooden gate or an electronic gate. We’ll make sure it’s accurate and installed to the highest standard, ensuring you’ll have no issues in the future. To do this, we’ll check that you have enough clearance for your gates to be fully-functional. We’ll then assess its durability, taking into account the frame and the rear structural bracing. The hinges will then be secured in place. We always recommend using adjustable hinges, but this can be discussed in more detail with our team. Once the hinges and the hinge plates are secured, we will then hang your set of gates before fitting any extras such as drop bolts, ring latches and Brenton bolts.

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    Every gate we make here at Village Gates is handcrafted with the highest quality materials, ensuring our products are long-lasting and can provide security for years to come. Our team take great pride in their work, and we never outsource it to external parties, meaning it is completed to our high standards and expectations. We understand that each customer will have varying needs, preferences and tastes, and so we’re committed to offering a tailored service to all of our customers, helping them to find the right gate for them and their home or business property.

    If you’re interested in hearing more about our services or even just our recommendations based on your requirements, we offer a free quote, with no obligations, where we’re happy to provide professional advice about the best solution for you. If you wish to use our services following our discussion, you’ll have a 12-month warranty for your gate. This covers the gate, its fixings and any necessary adjustments that are required whilst the gate settles into its environment. These are just some of the ways we go the extra mile for our customers during their experience of working with us to create a bespoke, beautiful gate.

    If you’d like to get a quote or hear more about the options available to you, get in touch with our team online, by calling 01925 967 083 or by emailing – we’re always happy to give advice wherever possible. Installations can be arranged for your gate providing you’re within a 30-mile radius of our workshop and showroom, so if you live in Manchester, Cheshire, Leigh, Warrington or the surrounding areas, this will be taken care of for you. If you live further afield in the UK, your gate will be safely delivered to you for installation.

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