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Specialists In quality gate manufacturing and installation

We are a family-run business with over 30 years of experience in the timber trade, and pride ourselves on the quality of our products, the value for money we offer our clients and our knowledgeable and honest customer service. All of our gates are bespoke and made-to-measure to make them perfect for you and your home.

Village Gates are specialists in manufacturing and installing quality wooden gates in Manchester, Cheshire and the surrounding areas.


The Gates We Offer

We offer wooden garden gates, driveway gates and electronic gates, and installation services for new intercom systems.

Our softwood gates are made with high-quality Scandinavian Redwood, while our hardwood gates can be made using Idigbo or Iroko wood from Africa, or Meranti wood from the Philippines. From the elegance of the Swan Neck, to the charm of the Appleton, our range of gates has something to suit every style.

We can supply and fit any of our manual gates within a 30 mile radius of our premises in Warrington, and also offer automation installations within 30 miles. We also deliver all of our products throughout the UK, so if you’re looking for a long-lasting gate with a bit of style and finesse, then look no further!


Wooden Garden Gates

You don’t want a garden gate if it doesn’t make you feel private and secure. We make all of our gates ourselves, which means that we know just how sturdy and reliable they are. We never make anything that isn’t of the highest quality, improving the security and privacy of your private garden oasis. 

When you buy a garden gate from us, you’ll be choosing a gate made using both traditional and modern methods. You’ll be buying a gate built with 70mm thick planed mortice and tenon framework, 4×2 planed bracing, inset boards, chamfered and routed edges. That’s why you’ll be impressed that your new garden gate is so much more durable, secure and attractive than your last one. 

Your new Village Gates garden gate will be installed using high quality ironmongery. You can choose from a galvanised silver, black on galvanised or a stainless steel finish. We’ll hang your gate using adjustable hinges. You’re also supplied with a ring latch, with the option of having a key lock installed for extra security. 

There are quite a few different designs for you to choose your new garden gate from. Take a look at our gallery for some ideas and perhaps some inspiration. If you already have your own vision for your perfect garden gate, get in touch and let us know. We are experts in designing, manufacturing and installing garden gates, and will help and advise you in your project. 


‘Just a short note to say thank you for completing such a professional job. We are very happy with the quality of finish of our two gates and the high standard of customer service. It is such a pleasant change for work to be carried out when we are told when it will be and with the minimum fuss! Thanks again.’


Wooden Side Gates

A side gate provides you and your home with that extra bit of protection and privacy, while adding something functional and beautiful to the side of your house. Having a barrier between the front and rear of your home means that you don’t have to worry about any unwanted visitors accessing your home from the side. All side gates bought from Village Gates come with a guarantee of durability and security. 

You can order a wooden side gate in any height up to 8ft tall and 4ft 6 wide, giving you a range of options for improving the privacy of your house and garden. All our gates are sturdy and secure, with ironmongery options for you to choose from including: galvanised silver, black on galvanised and stainless steel.


Wooden Driveway Gates

Your driveway gate gives you privacy and security, but it also gives you a chance to make an attractive statement about your home. What better way to welcome guests into your home than with an elegant and sleekly designed driveway gate? Your new driveway gate from Village Gates is guaranteed to provide your home with an attractive entrance that never compromises on reliability. 

Your new driveway gate has been built using only the highest quality timbers available. This is what makes it so durable, able to withstand bad weather and some tough physical treatment. Everything sold at Village Gates is designed and manufactured by us, in-house. That’s why we can guarantee that your gate isn’t going to fall apart before its time and will last you for years to come. 

Any driveway gate that you purchase from Village Gates comes with several quality ironmongery options available. You can choose from a galvanised silver, black on galvanised or stainless steel finish. All our driveway gates are fitted with adjustable hinges for maximum stability and opportunity for adjustment. 


‘May I take this opportunity to thank you for the advice and guidance while choosing the most suitable gates for my needs and budget. The gates are exactly what I wanted and have finished off the driveway perfectly.

It has been a pleasure working with Village Gates.’


We have a lot of different designs for you to choose for your new driveway gate. Visit our gallery for some ideas and to find something that suits you. If you already know what your perfect garden gate looks like, please get in touch with us. We’re experts with years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing garden gates ourselves. We can help and advise you in fulfilling your project.


Our Electric Wooden Gates

If you want a gate that is practical, looks professional, secures your home and impresses visitors, an electric gate is the right choice for you. Village Gates offer full automation on wooden gates fitted within 20 miles of our Cheshire workshop. We’re experienced in fitting underground automation and above ground automation for swing gates as well as sliding electric gates. We can also install your gate with a number of different intercom systems. 

You don’t want an electric gate unless it’s secure and safe. All of our electric wooden gates are safe according to GateSafe regulations. All automation is compliant to the necessary safety regulations, coming with full documentation and a demonstration of use. 

Whether you choose one of our sliding or swinging electric gates, you’ll benefit from a number of features that comes as standard: a control panel is provided to give full control over the gate’s use, safety edges, fobs for access, as well as the option of a pedestrian opening. 


Intercom Systems

If you’re thinking about fitting a new electric gate, there’s a good chance you’re interested in using an intercom system. The intercom systems we install here at Village Gates come with a number of security options for you to choose from. Whether all you want is an entry keypad, or you want a sophisticated mobile access option, our range has something for you. 

We have options that will call your landline or mobile when accessed, allowing you to click one button and give access from anywhere in the world. Other options come with cameras that can be viewed from your mobile device or tablet. Others still come with microphones so that you can both see and speak to the person outside your gate. There really is an option for everyone.

Meranti Hardwood Lymm Style from behind

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Why Choose Us?

Everything we manufacture is completely handcrafted in our workshop in Cheshire, using the best sustainable timbers available. We take great pride in all of our products, and do not outsource any of our work to third parties. As a result of this, we are able to put customers at the very core of our business, and offer you quality products with a fantastic service.

Creating the perfect gate for your home and leaving you with the look you’ve always wanted is at the very heart of what we do. Finding the right gates for you is our priority and our passion. Our products are high-quality and long-wearing, so that you don’t have to worry about any purchases you make with us for years to come.

So whether you’re in the market for wooden garden gates, driveway gates, electronic gates or an intercom system, you can be rest-assured that if you live in Manchester, Cheshire, Birchwood, Glazebrook, Winwick, Cadishead, Irlam, Warrington, Stockport, or even further afield, we have the right option for you.


Our Process

When you work with Village Gates, you’ll get a bespoke product created just for you. When you make an order online or visit us at our workshop and showroom in Warrington, our experienced staff will talk you through the process of buying and installing your new garden gate, and can advise you on any questions or concerns you may have. 

We can help you choose the right product for you and your home every time, whether it’s the type of wood you should use for your gate, advice on how to install an electric intercom system, which shapes and colours will look the best with your home and garden and anything else you can think of!

Then, we’ll take accurate measurements to ensure you get the perfect fit, the first time, every time.

Once we have all the information we need to create your bespoke driveway, garden or side gate, the craftsmen at our workshop will get to work. As master craftsmen, we understand how to make sure your gates are beautiful, hardwearing and fit exactly to your specifications. We can deliver our tailor made products all over the UK so you can get the perfect product for you wherever you are.

If you’re within a 30 mile radius of our Risley workshop, just outside of Warrington, we’ll also fit your gates, so you don’t need to worry about getting an installer to come in, or that you’ll have to DIY it. Our craftsmen will expertly fit your gates exactly as they are meant to be, so you can feel confident they will be standing strong for years to come.


Our Commitment To Quality

As members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, we take immense pride in the quality of the work we do. This accreditation shows that we are trustworthy, highly skilled and fully qualified craftsmen, with passion for our work and reliability in our service. 

As a friendly, approachable team, you can be sure we have the answers to any of your questions, and can work closely with you to make sure you have the highest quality work, that is absolutely perfect for you, your personal style and your home. We never skimp on quality, and always go the extra mile to make sure your gates will stand the test of time. We carry ourselves and our business with ease, honesty and integrity, so you have the best possible experience when you work with us.

We also use the highest quality materials to ensure the longevity of our products. 


Our Materials

Our Softwood gates are made from Scandinavian Redwood, which is a light coloured, high quality, affordable and very popular softwood timber. It naturally has a beautiful reddish hue, with tight knots in the wood, and will take treatments and wood stains very well also. Scandinavian redwood must be treated regularly to maintain its strength and appearance, but with a little love and care, will last for a long time and keep its good looks for years to come.

We have a variety of hardwoods available for our gates, including Idigbo wood, a West African timber which is often used in joinery because of its strength and durability. Idigbo is our most popular hardwood, and is a pale wood with an appearance similar to a light oak, so is very beautiful, and takes stain very well so can be stained many different shades. It is incredibly strong and is also naturally moisture resistant, so will last for many years. It is a bit more expensive than our Scandinavian redwood, but is very good value for such an appealing and durable hardwood.

Iroko is another West African timber, and is the most valuable wood variety we offer. Iroko is often referred to as ‘African Teak’, due to its appearance and natural properties, but is also very similar to oak, with many of the same properties. Iroko wood comes in a variety of colours and shades, ranging from light to dark brown, and often has irregular shading. Iroko has traditionally been used to build boats due to the presence of its natural oils, as well as its durability. Iroko wood needs regular treatment and maintenance to keep its brown colour, but will remain strong and durable even without treatment. If left untreated, it will turn to a beautiful silver-grey hue over time.

We are very proud of the high-quality materials we source for our wooden gates, and always ensure we source our timbers sustainably. Our craftsmen ensure that with the right expertise and the right materials, your gates will be strong, beautiful and reliable for many years.


What Are the Benefits of Adding Driveway Gates to Domestic Properties?

A new driveway gate will:

  • Provide privacy and security for your home
  • Make your home fit in or stand out against the other houses in your neighbourhood
  • Increase your home’s curb appeal

What Are the Benefits of Adding Driveway Gates to Business Properties?

Adding driveway gates to your business will:

  • Provide security for your property, goods, customers and staff
  • Provide increased privacy
  • Add an impressive and professional image
  • Potentially remove or lower the cost of hiring security staff

Do I Need Planning Permission for My Driveway Gates?

If your driveway gates are less than 1.8 metres tall, then no you do not need planning permission for your driveway gates.

What Types of Garden Gates are There?

There are a few different types of garden gates available on the market today that you can choose from.

Types of garden gates include:

Do I Need to Think About How My Bespoke Gates Will Open and Close?

Yes, absolutely! Swinging or sliding gates are usually common on flat driveways. Sliding gates will need room either side of the gate opening, whereas swing gates will need room in front and behind to allow the gate to open and close.

If you live on a slope, or your driveway is slanted, then a swing gate may be harder to install. It may also be quite heavy to open or close, depending on which angle your slope is at. Electric gates or sliding gates should be considered in this situation instead.

What are Wooden Gates?

Exactly what it says on the tin – wooden gates are gates made from timber. Wooden gates provide a more rustic, natural and country feel. Closed panel wooden gates give your property more privacy when closed in comparison to barred wooden gates. They may be heavy though, so it’s worth thinking about having them automated.

How Will My New Bespoke Gates Be Attached?

We can attach your gates to wooden or metal gate posts either side of your opening. We can also attach them to brick or stone piers if you already have them in place.

How Do I Know Which Design to Choose for My Bespoke Gates?

Take a look at our gallery to get some ideas of the types of gates that you like. Our testimonials will also give you a good idea of what has worked well for some of our other customers. The point is, the only way you will know which design to pick is by having a look around and seeing what’s available.

Most of our customers will choose a design and style that matches their property, so perhaps think of the materials you already have and match those? You can also seek the advice of a reputable driveway gate company, like the team here at Village Gates, who can advise and recommend styles to suit your exterior.

What Colours Can I Choose from for My Driveway Gates?

The options are almost limitless when it comes to choosing a colour for your bespoke driveway gates. Many of our customers like to keep the colour of the original material, which is especially true for wooden gates and garden gates. However, you can paint your gates in pretty much any colour you like!

What Areas Do Village Gates Operate in?

We are based in Warrington in the North West of England, but we can provide quality driveway gates the full width and breadth of the country.

What Can I Expect from the Village Gates Installation Team?

First and foremost, we offer a free no-obligation quote alongside professional advice and recommendations from the start. You do not have to use our services to gain our advice, we’re happy to let you know what the best solutions are for your requirements.

If you’re happy with our recommendation and wish to proceed, we will then install them for you and even offer some training – say for example you want to know how to open a set of electric gates during a power cut.

All of our gates come with a 12-month warranty, which covers the gate and its fixings, and an emergency repair and maintenance service for complete peace of mind.


Contact Us

Browse our website to see a selection of our quality wooden gates, or come and visit us at our brand new showroom and workshop in Warrington. We are just off J11 on the M62 and have a variety of examples of our handcrafted designs available to view, with our knowledgeable and experienced staff on hand to help you choose the perfect gates for your home.

Call us on 01925 552 322, or email on, to see how we can help you find the perfect gate for your home.

Client Work Take a look at some examples of our work

  • back of a light brown drive gate

    Village Gates were hired to complete a project for a Primary School in Stockport, Manchester.


    The brief was to manufacture swing gates in Oak in the style supplied by the architects. Our fitters installed two oak posts behind two existing pillars. We then hung the gates from heavy duty galvanised adjustable hinges to handle the weight of the Oak.


    The gates were finished in an OSMO UV protection oil for maximum protection against the weather.

  • electric black driveway gate

    Village Gates were hired to install a set of automated hardwood driveway gates in Hale, Cheshire.

    The brief was to manufacture and install a set of swan neck design gates finished in an Ebony stain.


    Our installers used a Genius swing automation with one opener swinging further than 110 degrees as undergound motors are generally restricted to. The Genius system allowed us to use a cog system to open up to 180 degrees for better access into the drive.


    We also installed a VIDEX GSM intercom system to allow gate control by the customers mobile phone.


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