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    Bespoke Softwood Garden Gates

    The Benefits Of A Softwood Garden Gate

    Many people take great pride in their gardens. After all, it’s a place to make memories and enjoy your surroundings. So, if you want to add a feature to your garden, like one of our garden gates, you want it to enhance the existing beauty of your space, and add some additional style to the area. With our softwood garden gates that are made to the exact size you require, you’ll add extra privacy, protection and style to your garden in no time at all.

    Our selection of wooden garden gates is made with Scandinavian Redwood, a timber that is known for strength and durability. Contrary to some beliefs, wooden gates can be just as strong as metal ones, and they are certainly more cost-effective and attractive. Keeping your garden gate wooden means that this garden feature blends seamlessly with surrounding trees and plants.

    By investing in one of our products, you can combine style with security. Whether your gate is for a front or back garden, you can rest assured that you have additional privacy and extra security to keep you and your loved ones safe. These quality timber products provide just as much security as steel gates, which are sometimes perceived to be stronger, at a much more affordable price.

    We treat our wood with quality preservatives to ensure that they have a stunning finish that is ideal for your garden and can withstand all weathers. With these preservatives, wood oils and the correct aftercare to prevent water ingress and wood rot, your gate will last for years to come. Redwood is relatively low-maintenance and this wood ages beautifully over time, making it the perfect timber of choice for a garden gate.

    Wood Choices: Softwood Or Hardwood?

    Timber gates are generally made from two types of wood, both of which create a range of styles and have a lot of differences. The two types are softwood and hardwood. While their names may indicate this, they don’t actually relate to the hardness or the softness of the wood.

    Softwood gates are made using evergreen/coniferous trees. These types of trees have needles and cones and will retain these, as opposed to shedding them, all year round, regardless of the weather. Fir, pine, and cedar trees are just three examples. Hardwood garden gates are made using trees that shed their leaves in accordance with the seasons. These are called deciduous trees and can be referred to as angiosperms because they have seeds that encase fruit or pods. Maple and oak trees are just two of the most notable examples of hardwood trees.

    As this is a softwood gates page, we’re going to be focusing on that option. To learn more about the hardwood gates that we sell, be sure to check out our hardwood product page that explains everything you need to know about this choice.

    In general, softwood timber gates are cheaper and more cost-effective than hardwood gates. As a result, they require a little maintenance in order to keep up their attractive appearance. This isn’t anything too strenuous and for the most part, your quality wooden gate will sit happily in your garden. We place so much emphasis on quality workmanship, across our wide range of products, so that you don’t have to waste your weekends maintaining your gate. All it needs is a fresh coat of exterior wood stain now and again to keep the wood grain in tip-top condition.

    Here are some other tips on keeping your excellent softwood gate, excellent:

    • Before treating or painting any wooden product, make sure it is clean, dry, and free from pollutants such as dirt and grease. Using white spirit to clean the gate will ensure everything has been removed.
    • Leave to dry for several days so any moisture from the gate can evaporate before treating.
    • Check the forecast before working on your gate. If there is rain, snow, or frost due in the next 48 hours, don’t treat the gate.

    Why Do I Need To Oil My Gates?

    Oiling your gates is one of the best ways to make sure that it retains its stunning appearance for years and years to come. The unpredictable British weather throws a lot at our products, and, having made them for over 20 years, we have seen first-hand how important oiling is. However, oiling your gates isn’t very environmentally friendly which is why we only use water-based staining products. While it’s water-based, it has the exact same effect as regular oil-based stain products.

    Once it is applied, it will penetrate into the grain and replace the natural oils that are lost as time passes. This water-based stain acts as a lubricant and ensures all parts of the grain are flexible and nourished. By keeping things in this condition, the gate won’t split, or crack, and will retain the beautiful appearance that attracted you to it in the first place.

    As well as keeping it moist and nourished, it will help the wooden garden gates from the effects of the sun. Now, while the sun is quite rare in the UK, even on duller days UV rays can bleach your gate. This is amplified on those hot summer days. A lot of products will contain UV filters that protect your bespoke garden gates from the bleaching effect of the sun. The water-based stain products will also keep out moisture which, if it enters, will cause algae, rot, and other unwanted things that spoil the overall appearance. Not carrying out this process regularly could also cost you more money in the long run, as you may have to pay for a new gate in a year or two’s time.

    Using any water-based staining products any wooden garden product, such as decking and fencing, is a good idea and should be incorporated into a yearly garden maintenance programme. This will ensure that it lasts as long as possible and its appearance will compliment your beautiful manicured lawns and flower beds, not make them look ugly.

    Mass Produced Or Bespoke Gate?

    When the time comes to invest in a new gate, you have two options in terms of where you get them from. You could opt for a mass-produced one, an off-the-peg product that will be bought by hundreds of people. Or, you could invest your hard-earned money in a beautiful, bespoke gate that is handcrafted by men and women that have decades and decades of collective experience. The love, care, and quality workmanship that is in every gate we make mean a bespoke option is the only choice.

    And, when you work with a company that makes wooden gates in this way, you’re getting much more than just the gate. You’ll get unique advice and a hotline to a group of people who are passionate about their products. They’ll happily always answer questions, and provide insights, long after your chosen product has been purchased, delivered, and installed by our friendly team.

    Bespoke gates have more hours poured into them too, making them a much more durable product. At Village Gates, there’s no pressure to mass-produce hundreds and hundreds of gates, instead, we spend our time on a small number of products. This allows our team to focus on each gate and ensure it meets our high standards. Quality never drops and each gate is handcrafted, not built by robots, which means every gate is unique to you.

    How Long Do Softwood Gates Last?

    A long time, in short. Typically, softwood gates last between seven and eight years. This makes them incredibly cost-effective because the investment will spread out over seven to eight years, making that initial cost seem very small.

    At Village Gates, we’d recommend that you treat the gate within the first 12 months of purchasing your product. This will keep that initial fresh appearance lasting for years to come. In terms of staining or painting them, you can absolutely change the colour of them to match the aesthetic of your property.

    For instance, you can paint them a matte grey colour if you have a modern, scandi-style home that is full of glass features and clean lines. Or, if you have an older property with more traditional features. Painting or treating the gate in a rich burgundy colour may go a long way to accentuate those features that make your property so beautiful.

    The only thing we’d advise, before applying a new colour or treatment, is to give us a ring or drop us an email explaining what product you have. This way, we can suggest different application methods or flag any issues if we think the product you’re using is going to harm your beautiful softwood gate.

    You can get in touch with us by calling us on 01925 967 083, or, you can email us at

    Getting A Softwood Garden Gate That’s Perfect For Your Home

    To place an order, you can browse our selection online or you can visit our showroom in Warrington to choose the right product for you. If you need some assistance when selecting which gate would best suit your needs, our team can offer advice to help you make an informed decision. From the wood, colour and shape, we’re keen to help you make the right choice about your bespoke design. Once you have decided which gate you’d like, we’ll take the necessary measurements to ensure that it is the perfect fit. We’ll then make your gate and once this is done, it’ll be ready for installation. We can install the product for you if you’re situated within 30 miles of our workshop or if you live further afield, we will use an external delivery partner to get your gate to you, ready for installation.

    Whichever wooden gate you have selected, we will always make sure that the gate fits and works perfectly upon installation. To do this, we will ensure that it is fully-functional with enough clearance and that all necessary steps are taken for maximum durability. We’ll then fit the hinges and hinge plates, as well as any additional extras such as ring latches and drop bolts. Once the gate is installed, you’ll have a 12-month warranty that covers the gate, its fixings and any adjustments that must be done whilst the gate settles into the environment.

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