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    Wooden Driveway Gates - Private, Secure and Handcrafted with Pedestrian Access

    Our wooden driveway gates are the perfect gate for those that have privacy and domestic security requirements as well as an attractive wooden entrance to your home. By sourcing the best quality treated timbers available, our heavy-duty wooden driveway gates are made for durability.

    Our double driveway gates are handcrafted using traditional and modern methods of construction and are created using soft or hardwood (depending on your preference). They are built by our experienced joiners with strong attention to detail. They use recessed boards, chamfered, braced and routed edges with our Village Gates touch, your gate will be an attractive quality made an investment for your home.

    Our wooden driveway gates can be made into two halves or there is the option for one larger leaf with a smaller opening for pedestrian use. Designs that suit this best are straight top or curved top designs as seen below.

    We only use quality ironmongery available in galvanised silver, black on galvanised, stainless steel or pewter finish. All double gates use adjustable hinges for maximum stability and to give the opportunity for adjustment in the future. They are also supplied with drop bolts, a ring latch and a Brenton pad bolt. There is also the option to have a gate lock lockable from both sides. All ironmongery is fixed to the gates using stainless steel screws to eliminate rusting, ensuring long-lasting, high-quality performance and value for money.

    Benefits of Wooden Driveway Gates

    Stunning Appearance – Wooden Driveway Gates add a stunning new element to your home. Our range of affordable wooden gates come in several different designs and whichever one you choose, they’re sure to compliment your home. Our stunning wooden driveway gates are all unique in appearance meaning your brand new wooden driveway gate is going to look like no other. Wood, be it soft or hardwood, has a unique ageing process meaning your wooden driveway gates are going to just look better and better over time. Your wooden gates will soon become a part of your home and before long it’ll feel like they have been there forever.

    Fantastic Functionality – As well as being good looking in appearance your new wooden driveway gates are also incredibly functional. As one of the largest bespoke gate manufacturers in the local area, we can make your wooden double entrance gates to fit almost any space. Wooden gates are more versatile than other heavy-duty options which means they can be installed to fit almost any space at your home, custom-fitted to suit your property.

    Great Physical Security and Extremely Private – All our wooden gates but in particular our high-quality wooden driveway gates offer fantastic physical security and are great deterrents if that is a feature that interests you. Also, because our wooden gates are solid wooden gates no one will be able to see directly into your property.

    A Great Investment – While our wooden driveway gates range does require maintenance they will last for many, many years without any problems. Unlike steel gates or plastic gates, our wooden driveway gates range is able to deal with a whole host of weather problems. They aren’t affected by heat and if treated properly they aren’t affected by rain either. Solid wooden gates are also known to increase property prices thanks to their long-lasting nature and aesthetic appeal.

    Tough & Resilient – Wood is an extremely resilient and tough material. People may assume steel gates are stronger, and in some ways they are, but they’re also incredibly expensive whereas wood is cheaper, can be made into a completely solid wooden gate and is just as tough. As well as being an incredibly tough material, our solid wooden gates can also be fitted with gate locks and tough steel hinges to give you even extra resilience.

    Different Types of Timber Wooden Driveway Gates

    There are three different types of timber we use to make our driveway gates here at Village Gates. Each one is exceedingly high quality and offers its own distinct set of benefits and attributes, with a range of optional accessories available to complement every finished piece. What follows is a breakdown of our different timber options.

    Scandinavian Redwood Gates (Softwood)

    Not only does Scandinavian Redwood protect your home, but it also adds a considerable amount of beauty, and curb appeal, to your home. This high-quality timber is light, and fresh, in appearance and is an aesthetic that will, with periodic maintenance, remain on-trend for many years. The primary attribute of Scandinavian Redwood, which is more notable than any other timber type, is the visible imperfections in the wood grain, these are known as tight knots. These add charm and character to the material, creating a beautifully natural aesthetic.

    Iroko hardwood is, without doubt, our most luxurious type of timber. It is comparable to oak wood, in that you can find both light and dark, variances that both offer irregular shading as part of their outstanding features. This type of wood is widely used in the boat building industry, because of its natural oils that add to the wood’s colour and weather-proof qualities. It is important to note that Iroko must be treated to prevent it from turning grey or staining over time.

    Wooden Driveway Gates from Village Gates

    The team here at Village Gates are all specialist gate manufacturers and installers, with a combined experience of over 30 years. We have installed driveway gates in Warrington, Manchester and the surrounding areas of the North West such as St. Helens, Wigan and Chester. Our customers choose our products because they are of high quality and delivered with an honest, first-rate service.

    No matter your budget, we treat and value every one of our customers the same. Our friendly and approachable attitude to each job stems from the fact that we are a family-run business that has been in the Warrington timber trade for over 30 years. This is one of the main reasons we have been able to retain our excellent values, and our loyal customer base, for decades.

    If you would like to enquire about a new wooden driveway gate in Warrington, Cheshire or anywhere else in the UK, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01925 967 083 or email info@villagegates.co.uk with your enquiry. If you leave us a message, one of us will get back to you as soon as we can.

    Wooden Driveway Gates FAQs

    How To Install Driveway Gates

    When we install driveway gates we first check you have the minimum required clearance for your new driveway gates to work. Then we will ascertain how the gate will look from the back, and its durability based on the frame and rear structural bracing. Placing the hinges is a crucial step and we always recommend using adjustable hinges.

    We will place each hinge on the horizontal structural brace of the gate and mark holes that need to be drilled. Pilot holes will be drilled for the screws and then the hinge will be drilled securely in place. Next, we will mark and fix the hinge plates to your gate posts. When everything is in place we will then hang your set of beautiful wooden driveway gates. Last but certainly not least, we will fit your gate furniture like your Brenton bolt, ring latch and drop bolts.

    What Wood Should I Choose for Driveway Gates?

    Whether you choose a swing gate, a slide gate or a set of electric gates – the type of wood you choose for your driveway gates will ultimately depend on your desires and design taste. If you have an existing perimeter fence, it may be a wise choice to choose a type of wood that matches the appearance and material choice of your current fence.

    For inspiration and ideas, take a look at our gallery and our different types of driveway gates. Our customer testimonials will also give you an idea of what has worked well for others. We are always here to provide advice on our choice materials, so you get the driveway gates you’re hoping for.

    Below, you can see a few ideas of the style and design of the gates that we offer. If you have anything else in mind, you can discuss your designs with us and we will help and advise you through your project.

    Here at Village Gates, we have a wealth of experience in treating distinctive gates for peoples homes from dual swing gates, tall double gates to wooden driveway gates with pedestrian access. Our gate installation service team will fit your new wooden driveway gates with passion and care – as if it were their own. If you’re a homeowner in Warrington or Cheshire and you’re looking to upgrade your current driveway gates, call us on 01925 552 322. Or, if you’re in areas like Leigh, Widnes or St Helens and you’re thinking about getting a classic gate style installed at your property then we would love to hear from you too.

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