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Made to Measure Wooden Gates for Your Garden and Home in Manchester, Cheshire & Surrounding Areas

Village Gates offer all types of made to measure wooden gates ranging from low garden gates, tall bulky driveway gates and bespoke wooden gates. We make exact size gates with many different designs available to help you with your choice. Browse through the links below to find ideas from the pictures of just some of the jobs we’ve done in the past. Our gates are available for manual use or to be automated.

These timber gates are available in some of the finest hardwoods including Idigbo, Iroko and Meranti. For a cheaper option, there are also our softwood gates made from Scandinavian Redwood. These are built in the exact same way as our hardwood gates but are less durable and require more maintenance.

Our low garden gates and low driveway gates range from 30 inches high to 5ft high. The garden gates and driveway gates start at 5ft high and go up to 8ft high. As all gates are bespoke and made to measure, the widths are dependent on the gap size.

For manually opening gates we use only quality tee hinges for small openers or adjustable hinges for larger openers. A variety of different hardware finishes are available. These start with the standard galvanised silver hardware kits, also available in black on galvanised. Customers can also have high-performance hardware such as stainless steel or pewter ironmongery. The option of a key lock is also available with all gates. This is lockable from both sides.

The Benefits of Bespoke Wooden Gates

There are plenty of reasons why made to measure bespoke wooden gates would improve your home. From an aesthetic point of view, handmade gates, wooden side gates and custom size gates look stunning and add an element of class to your property. And from a practical perspective, our gates offer you and your family greater security and are very low maintenance, especially if you choose one of our finest hardwoods.

Below are just a few other reasons why you should consider wooden gates.

They Get More Beautiful with Age

The wood we use to create your custom-sized gates, from our finest hardwoods including Oak, Maple and Idigbo to our more affordable softwood gates like the Scandanavian Redwood, has a beautiful ageing process unlike any other material out there. Exposing it to the elements and properly treating it changes the look of your gates over time which we think you’ll find aesthetically pleasing. We like to think that our high-quality gates become part of your home over the years and that you grow to love them for their security as much as their beauty.

Highly Versatile

Wooden gate installation can take place anywhere across the exterior of your house and at Village Gates, we offer a range of wooden gates for you to choose. From beautiful garden gates that can nestle amongst your beautifully curated front or back garden to stunning wooden driveway gates that have a simple yet effective gate design and offer a secure physical barrier for you and your family – we can create the right gate for you. 

Environmentally Friendly

With climate change being ever more present in our lives, we have to start thinking about how the decisions we make today will affect the day-to-day lives of our children and grandchildren. Wooden gates are not only stunning and secure but they are also an environmentally friendly option compared to metal gates and gates made of other materials. Furthermore, the fact that here at Village Gates we create made-to-measure, exact-size gates means you can rest easy knowing that no material is going to waste and that you’ve chosen the most eco-friendly option.

Cheaper than Steel or Plastic

Wooden gates remain an appealing option to customers over metal gates, steel gates or gates made from other materials. Of course, the cost of gate installation is something to consider but the overall expenditure of raw materials is minimal. Furthermore, wooden gates are a good option if you want a fully enclosed gate. A lot of wrought iron gates are made of individual bars meaning you’re a little more vulnerable and exposed to the outside world. Bespoke wooden gates made by Village Gates offer total privacy and help you save a few pennies along the way.

The Types of Wooden Gates We Offer

We offer two different types of bespoke wooden gates: Wooden Garden Gates and Wooden Driveway Gates.

Our Wooden Garden Gates are a perfect option to the front, side or rear of your home. These gorgeous gates are made using a mixture of traditional and modern construction. We use 70mm thick planed mortice built around a tenon framework which offers durability and attractiveness that you’ll struggle to find somewhere else. Our Wooden Garden Gates are installed using ironmongery available in galvanised silver, pewter, stainless steel or black on galvanised. For regular-sized gates, we use tee hinges but for larger gates, we use bigger openers. We also supple ring latches and gate locks for both sides.

Our Wooden Driveway Gates are for those looking for greater security and privacy while keeping an attractive edge to their home. At Village Gates, we can make your Wooden Driveway Gates in any way you like. Our experienced joiners use the finest quality wood to craft the right gate for you. Choose from a single or double leaf gate with a smaller opening for people to come in and out of. Like our Wooden Garden Gates, we supply the driveway gates with ring latches, gate locks and a Brenton pad bolt.

Types of Timber Village Gates Use

We offer 3 different types of timber for you to choose from before your bespoke project gets underway.

  • Idigbo Hardwood – A West African timber with a pale oak appearance and a strong resistance to moisture.
  • Iroko Hardwood – Another West African timber sometimes called ‘African Teak’. Similar to oak it varies in colour, is very strong and durable.
  • Scandinavian Redwood Gates (Softwood) – A high-quality timber with a great emphasis on its tight knots, it takes treatments and stains relatively well. 

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So, if you’re looking for bespoke wooden gates for your garden or stunning wooden driveway gates that are installed to a high standard, are an effective security barrier and beautiful new addition to your property, then Village Gates are the people you should get in touch with.

If you live in Manchester, Warrington, Chester, Newton-le-Williams, Dunham Massey, Winwick, St Helens or anywhere else in the North West of England, be sure to get in touch with us. We’d be happy to talk through your project with us and answer any questions you may have.