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Gate Intercom System

Village Gates fit various intercoms for newly automated gates or onto existing automation. These come with all kinds of different options to suit the security you require, from just a simple entry keypad to a GSM system that allows the door entry system to call your mobile and gain access wherever you are. Below are some of the different systems that we install.

What are some of the benefits of installing a new gate intercom system?


  • It provides your home with an extra level of security


Perhaps it goes without saying that having a gate intercom system raises the security and privacy of your home. After all, if you’re here then the chances are that you have already given this some thought. A gate intercom system allows you to actually speak to, and in some cases even see, the person you are admitting onto your property. 

For anyone hoping to boost the security of their home, the gate intercom is a fantastic addition. If you already have a home that is surrounded and protected by a wall and a sturdy but gorgeous driveway gate from Village Gates, then the gate intercom system is a natural addition to this. If you are someone who values your privacy and wants to prevent strangers from being able to walk straight up to knock on your front door, then a gate intercom system is a purchase you will love. 


  • Hear (and even see) people before they are admitted to your property


You might be hesitating over the purchase of a new gate intercom system because you still feel like they still don’t quite provide what you need. Being able to hear guests before letting them in is great, but you might be someone who would prefer to actually see people before opening your gate to them. But gate intercom systems are all about speaking to your visitor aren’t they?

Well, not any more. In fact, here at Village Gates we are incredibly happy to introduce you to our range of video gate intercom systems. Want to be able to see who is buzzing at your gate? These systems are the choice for you, allowing you to check that they are who they say before letting them in. This allows you to confirm recognition or credentials before admitting a visitor onto your property. 


  • Curb appeal and adding property value


While it is not the reason that most people choose to install a new gate intercom system, it is actually the case that it can be an incredibly inexpensive way to boost your property’s value a little bit. If you are renovating a property, have recently moved in and want to raise the value, or are planning on selling your property, then installing a gate intercom system is a very cost effective way of boosting your property value and the appeal to potential buyers. 

When it comes to curb appeal, there can be no question that a gated property with an intercom system has a certain appeal to it. We’ve all probably been there – driving or walking through a neighbourhood and being intrigued by the impressive gated houses we pass. It certainly makes a property appear more expensive and luxurious from the road and pavement! 

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  • Intercom Example

    Daitem Wireless intercom

    The Daitem wireless door entry systems are smart and reliable. Available with just a buzzer to the wireless phone unit or including a keypad for entry through the gates.

    The simple door phone allows you to easily open your gates from the house using a single button.

  • Intercom Example

    VIDEX Wireless GSM Intercom

    The Videx wireless GSM audio kit with codelock is able to call your landline or mobile and can be diverted to more phones if there is no answer. Clicking a single button wherever you are in the world can then access the gates.

    Also, simply calling the Videx system from your mobile will command the gates open.

  • Intercom Example


    The AES Predator kit is available with an intercom and camera at the entrance of the gates, viewable from your mobile or tablet via the Predator app.

    The intercom is available via connection to your Wi-Fi or through an additional 4G modem using a SIM card.

  • Intercom Example

    AES 605ABK Video Kit

    The AES video kit comes with a camera and intercom by the gates. The call button rings the handset in the house, charged by a docking station.

    Via the handset, the user can see and speak to the person at the gate and open the gates via a single button.